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 Here at iDoctor Repairs, we make sure that every customer receives the best service possible. If you have a question, we have an answer! If you want to know about new features on your device, we will have an explanation! If you need your eyeglasses fixed, we...we aren't that kind of iDoctor...we are sorry about the confusion.


Does your PC have a virus or constant pop-ups? Did your Mac suddenly fail to start? Do you wish your computer was faster but you don't know what to do? Bring it in to our shop and we will address your concerns and let you know what your options are!


Does your iPhone or Android phone need a new screen? Do you want to upgrade your phone but you would like to backup information only on your old phone? We repair dozens of phones a week and make sure every customer leaves satisfied!


Samsung TAB or iPad, it doesn't matter! We repair both as well as many other tablets, just call the shop and ask and we will let you know quickly if we can get the parts to repair it and how long the repair will take!


Did your Xbox One HDD fail or maybe your PS4 has a disk lodged in the disk drive? Bring that console in and we can get you back and gaming quicker than a 360 no scope!

Providing excellence

in everything we do

We take pride in each and every service and repair we offer, making sure that you get the utmost care and the best hardware available for your situation.  If a new technology comes out that you would like to explore or an aged device needs attention but no one specializes in it anymore, know that we will research every inch of material available and best apply our knowledge to your situation.

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Our Consumer Services

Device Repair

We understand that it can be stressful when your device begins to fail so we make sure we'll do our best to solve your problem in a timely manner. While we can replace nearly any part on a computer but we will let you know if we feel your hard earned money would be better off spent on a new machine, which we will gladly research for you depending on your needs.


If you love your computer but would like it to keep up with today's programs, we can run a diagnostic on your specific machine and let you know what upgrades can be done to boost its speed! Whether it means installing a Solid State Drive, upgrading your RAM or showing you options for a new graphics card, we will do it all.


With nearly every repair we do, we offer a 45-day warranty so that if we didn't fully solve your problem or a part we replaced begins to show signs of being defective, bring it in as soon as possible and we will fully cover the need to get your repair back to 100%.

Customer Support

If you have any questions about a repair you have completed through us or your a first time customer looking for a quote, please call us! We will first try to determine what we can do over the phone but we might need to see it in person to continue helping you solve your problem. There will always be a technician on hand to serve you but if we get busy, please send us an email and we will be sure to respond ASAP.


If your device is slowing down, there might be general maintenance that needs to be performed to get it back up to speed. This can also prevent the loss of data and allow a computer to be operational much longer than its designers had planned. We can also set up scheduled maintenance on the device itself to help with any future issues.

Virus Alert

One issue we encounter nearly every day are infections, ranging from small popups in the corner of your screen to programs that take up your whole screen. We have the tools necessary to remove these and bring your computer back to its usual, healthy self as well as prevent them from ever happening again.

Our Business Services

Data/Voice Cabling

If you are planning on expanding your computer network or would like to update a video conferencing area to meet the demands of the 21st century, we can give several pricing options for all cabling options and install them to your liking. All cabling that we install will be top quality, meet any and all safety standards and can be custom cut to fit any room design.

IT Outsourcing

If you are a small business that needs an IT department, consider using us as your personal IT department! We are a fantastic option for start-up businesses who want the services of a full IT department but not the cost or responsibility of running it on your own.

IT Consulting

It is difficult at times to understand all the options needed to run your business. Luckily, iDoctor Repairs is here to help! We can guide you through our installation processes, showing you the weakest points in your company's current system and help you simplify and enhance it. We would love to go out to your business and give you a set up that you can brag about.

Fast Solutions with Little Hassle

Offering commercial installation, support and consulting for businesses within a 10-mile radius. Call for more details about our on-site services or the option for our technicians to pick-up company equipment for off-site repairs.

Data Recovery

When you have a critical error on your computer, we can check your hard drive to see if any information is recoverable. We will also implement a backup system to safeguard your valuable data against any future issues. The safety of your data is our top concern.


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